The Conception Plan

The Conception Plan is the expert, comprehensive guide to boosting your physical health and fertility.

Whether you’re struggling to conceive, are considering assisted conception, want to preserve your fertility for later in life or prepare your body for a baby in the future, The Conception Plan has fully customizable options for you.

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Are you struggling to become pregnant and don't know the reasons why?

Have you been told your only options are invasive techniques?

Are you ready to become the healthiest and most fertile version of yourself?

The Conception Plan has the answers you have been looking for.

It is written by leading obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Larisa Corda, who has helped those wishing to become parents conceive through her unique programme, The Conception Plan (TCP), which blends the latest discoveries in Western medicine with the cutting-edge science of epigenetics and complementary alternative therapies. This 12-week, tried-and-tested holistic plan overhauls your health – physically, emotionally and spiritually – to give you the very best chance of getting pregnant.

TCP not only increases your chances of conceiving, but also creates the optimum environment for ensuring your baby’s lifelong health through the genes it inherits; the plan can extend your fertile window into later life, and encourages healthy habits and changes that will stick with you throughout your parenting journey and beyond. The path to becoming a parent is a process of healing from your past and upgrading your habits, to birth a healthier version of yourself, as well as a child.

Conception is so much more than just sperm meets egg, and this programme deconstructs various health conditions that may be affecting your chance of pregnancy, to leave you feeling empowered to take control of your own health and fertility.

Dr. Larisa Corda

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Benefits of the Conception Plan

In this revolutionary book you will discover how to:


Feel Better

You'll learn to habits to improve your concentration, clarity and energy levels


Live Healthier

Learn how to make healthier choices that benefit your long term wellbeing


Natural Fertility

Improve your menstrual health with more regular cycles and a more balanced immune and hormonal system


Increased Sex Drive

Discover paths to cultivating a healthy, more intimate relationship with your partner and yourself


Healthy Pregnancy

Strategies to improve your health during pregnancy, the post-natal period, and beyond into menopause


Healthy Children

Understand how to you can pass on healthy genetics to any children you may have in the future


Dr. Larisa Corda

Dr Larisa Corda is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and one of the UK's leading Fertility experts. She qualified from Imperial College London and has trained in both the UK and Australia. She believes in an integrated and holistic approach to treating a patient that addresses many lifestyle factors, as well as a combination of Eastern and Western, as well as traditional and complementary techniques.

She is a passionate women’s rights ambassador, with roles on a number of charities that have included UN Women, The Circle, Saying Goodbye, Kicks Count and Endometriosis UK. She received the We Are The City Rising Star in Healthcare award in 2020, and in 2022, was nominated for a BBC Radio London Make a Difference Keyworker award, for her work on the frontline during the pandemic, in addition to being recognised as a leading doctor by Top Doctors in 2023. She regularly appears and advises as a women’s health, fertility and pregnancy expert in the media, including TV and radio and is This Morning's fertility expert. Her uniquely devised programme for conception and pregnancy, The Conception Plan, was aired on the show. She is dedicated to reconstructing the approach to women's health in her work, and empowering women and men over their fertility and wellness.

Get your copy of the Conception Plan

Your journey to naturally healthy fertility starts now.

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